Here are a few quick notes/reminders to make sure that everyone will be prepared this fall when they return to school/athletics.

-All students must have an up to date physical on record at the school. (only good for 13 months from the day issued by the doctor). Example: 9/1/18 good until exactly 10/1/19.

-Students and parents/guardians can now sign up ONLINE! Go to the “Hopkins athletics” web page (

 and there are instructions on how to sign up and a link for registration.  If you fill out a paper copy (can be downloaded off of the web page ( read through and sign all necessary forms on preseason packet.  Please hold on to any forms that say "keep" on them. If you choose to print out forms they go directly to the coach NOT the office or the director of athletics.

-Students will NOT be allowed to participate in any practice or tryout without a physical on file and their preseason forms completed (online or paper, online preferred).

-If signing up for a co-op team with another school, students need to be signed up on the Hopkins Academy site AND signed up through the other school’s registration program.

-Except for the football co-op with Northampton, pre-season for high school sports begins on Thursday August 23th.

Here are the first practice/tryout dates for the fall sports.

Cross Country:  8/23:  10 AM @ Hopkins Academy

Varsity Golf :  8/23:  10 AM@ Hickory Ridge Country Club

Girls  Soccer (High School and Middle School):   8/23: 2:30 PM @ Hopkins Academy

Boys High School Soccer:   8/23: 8 AM @ Hopkins Academy

Football (Co-op with Northampton, 9-12 grade): 8/17: Time 3:30 @ Northampton High School

Field Hockey (Co-op with Smith Academy. 7-12 grade):  8/23: 8 AM @ Smith Academy

Middle School Boys Soccer:  8/23: 10:45 AM @ Hopkins Academy

We look forward to seeing everyone this fall and have a great rest of your summer!


Thank you,

Erik Sudnick

Hopkins Athletics

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