About Us

Hopkins Academy Statement of Core Values

Hopkins Academy is committed to fostering a learning environment which values respect, equity, empathy, perseverance, integrity, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and intellectual curiosity. These align with Hadley Public School’s values of: diversity, inclusivity, growth mindset, empathy and deeper learning.

Beliefs About Student Learning- At Hopkins Academy we believe that our school creates the best conditions for high levels of student learning and growth when:

Educators commit to-

  • Maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment
  •  Developing strong academic relationship with each student
  • Designing opportunities for authentic learning and making global connections
  •  Providing rigorous, challenging and collaborative learning opportunities

Students commit to-

  •  Developing self-discipline, time management and a strong work ethic
  • Understanding the impact education will have and opportunities it can provide for their future
  •  Taking intellectual risks
  • Demonstrating pride in their academic performance
  • Investing in and committing to respect our school and community

 Academic, Civic & Social Expectations:

  • Read, write, and communicate effectively and fluently for a variety of purposes
  •  Demonstrate innovation and creativity across fields
  •  Apply problem solving and critical thinking skills
  •  Appropriately research, analyze, and evaluate information through a variety of methods, utilizing 21st century skills
  •  Engage in activities that promote civic literacy and diversity, which empowers students to become knowledgeable, respectful and active global citizens
  • Participate in activities that teach leadership, teamwork and civility.
  • Demonstrate responsible and respectful behavior as established in the school’s code of conduct.