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Hopkins Academy (HA) Pathways
connect learning to students’ interests, provide hands-on, real-world experience in high demand, high-skilled careers, and help students plan for their college and career. HA offers both Early College and Innovation Pathways.

The Innovation Pathway

The Innovation Pathway (IP) is an optional program for Hopkins Academy students. By choosing the IP, you’ll be taking a sequence of courses in a specific field, participate in an internship/career immersion experience, have opportunities to take college courses in the field, and you’ll complete and present a capstone research project.

The Innovation Pathway is designed with open enrollment without regard to prior academic performance and with support for the whole student to help surmount any academic and non-academic barriers to success.

The Application Process

Applications are due by May 29th

When do I apply?

Students are strongly encouraged to apply to these programs starting in the 8th grade to allow for at least three years of participation though students may apply if space is available prior to the start of their senior year.

Who can apply?

Pathways are available for ALL students, providing equal access to general and special education students, those for whom English is a second language, those who may be economically disadvantaged, or first-generation college students. We welcome all students to choose a Hopkins Academy Pathway, regardless of their prior academic or disciplinary record.

There is no charge to students and families for the program.

Program Requirements

In addition to completing all Mass Core and local graduation requirements, students will:

  • Complete a My Career and Academic Plan (MyCAP)
  • Meet with your IP Advisor and MyCAP Advisor quarterly
  • Participate in a 100 hour internship and complete a Work-Based Learning Plan. Internships may be paid or unpaid
  • Complete required coursework within chosen Pathway
  • Develop a culminating project and presentation to the community

How do I apply?

  • Applicants and parents/guardians must attend an information session
  • Schedule a meeting with a Counselor
  • Complete the application (available online or in the Guidance office), including two teacher recommendations
  • Participate in an interview with the Admissions Committee

Need Help? Download Application Form (English)  Download Teacher Recommendation Form

Application Form (Spanish)
Application Form (Portuguese)

** Application forms above can be downloaded, filled in using Adobe, and printed out to be sent in along with the other requested materials.

Students may receive help in completing their application including those through their Individual Learning Plan or Section 504 Accommodation Plan.

Two Pathway Options

Business and FinanceBusiness and Finance


Includes challenging coursework on personal finance, business law, and economics. (All HA students are also required to complete four years of mathematics.) Some examples of high-growth careers in this Pathway include statistician, data analysis, actuary, and market research analyst.

Life and Environmental ScienceLife and Environmental Science


Includes challenging coursework in biology, chemistry, environmental science, and biomedical science. Some examples of high-growth careers in this Pathway include environmental scientists, environmental protection technicians, phlebotomists, medical and health services managers, biochemists, and chemists.

Required courses include:


  • Personal finance
  • Business law or economics
  • Two college-level courses (e.g. Dual Enrollment, AP Economics)

Required courses include:


  • Two courses from the following: environmental science, biomedical science, and biology
  • Two college-level courses (e.g., Dual Enrollment, AP Chemistry, AP Biology)

IP courses allow students to earn credits toward several industry-recognized credentials, including:

  • For Business and Finance, a degree in accounting, business administration or management, or a certificate in entrepreneurship or management

IP courses allow students to earn credits toward several industry-recognized credentials, including:

  • For Life and Environmental Sciences, a degree or certificate in farm and food systems, renewable energy/energy efficiency, or a degree in environmental conservation, health care, and nursing.

To learn more or to request an appointment, please contact a member of the College and Career Planning Team:

Anne McKenzie:
Jason Burns:
Anna Cyr:

You can also learn more by visiting your Guidance Office