These courses are designed to broaden students' horizons regarding the English field. They do not meet the entirety of the state standards and are therefore electives rather than core courses. They do not replace the core courses for graduation requirements.

Course #186 – Personal and Professional Communication

Grades 11-12
Credits: 2.5

In this course students will write in a variety of career and "real world" scenarios. They will become familiar with the genre of the letter (cover, to the editor, friend, invitation, complaint, etc). as well as the art of the resume. Other subjects involve how to write a formal email, memo and business proposal. Finally, students will spend some time on applications and application essays.

Course #187 – Media and Marketing

Grades 9-12
Credits: 5

Communication through visual means and twenty-first century literacy skills are becoming increasingly important. This class is designed to introduce students to the creative visual aesthetics and communication skills needed in order to deliver a message or story through visual media. Students will explore and apply knowledge of digital tools and related resources as a means for increased media literacy, written expression and production. Students will focus on communication strategies across multiple platforms, such as print, digital, video and audio media. Each semester's project will vary, but the emphasis will be on information design using a variety of visual and structural forms of production.

Course #046 – Creative Writing

Grades 9-12
Credits: 2.5 - 5

Students in this course will study all genres of creative writing, including fiction and creative non-fiction. Some may include short stories, poetry and plays while also learning genres pertaining to the real world such as journalistic writing. This course is a workshop style with teacher directed mini-lessons focused on style, grammar, purpose and audience.