Message to Parents

The Program of Studies is published to describe the courses for the 2021-2022 academic year and to aid students and parents, together with the school, in choosing suitable and challenging programs. In addition to what is published here, the Director of Guidance meets with each grade frequently to discuss college and postsecondary options, as part of our comprehensive guidance curriculum. The course sequence at Hopkins Academy is rigorous and purposefully designed to enable our graduates to craft a strong academic foundation in the skills of scientific and mathematical inquiry, financial and technological relations. Hopkins graduates must be strong writers and understand a variety of communication and presentation skills. Hopkins students are encouraged to become or develop an appreciation for the fine arts and music. And our graduation expectations and course options provide students with a foundation for personal health and financial well-being. This document and the grade level registration presentation explains how information provided to students in the guidance program helps students create a connection to these skills through the course registration process.

It is our goal to provide students with a challenging and interesting curriculum to enable students to compete for college admission with students from across the world and meet the ever-increasing demands of society. The Common Core ELA and Mathematics Standards are fully implemented at Hopkins Academy. Our graduation requirements and academic programs are rigorous and designed to ensure that students are prepared for college success and have the foundation for a broad set of career options.

If you have any questions regarding the content of any course, or the courses most appropriate for your student, please feel free to contact the Guidance Department at (413) 584-1106.