Course Levels and Add/Drop

Course Leveling

There are three levels of courses offered at Hopkins Academy that affect a student's GPA: Advanced Placement, Honors, and College Prep. Some courses do not carry a level; these courses are not factored into a student's GPA. Students may take courses in all levels during the same year. Considerable work outside of class is required at each level. In all levels students develop appropriate skills to work effectively in the subject area.

  • Advanced Placement: These courses are advanced placement courses. They contain challenging material and are taught at an accelerated pace, which requires a great deal of independent work. Advanced placement courses prepare students for the advanced placement examinations that are given in May. Departmental admission policies for Advanced Placement courses are listed with their course descriptions.
  • Honors: These courses are challenging college preparatory classes. They require that students have strong academic skills, technical skills and the capacity to do independent work.
  • College Prep: These courses generally prepare students for college and technical careers. They require students to engage in rigorous curriculum with the goal of honing their skills in all academic areas.

Course Add/Drop

The cut-off adding or dropping a course is the last Wednesday in September, which is September 25, 2015. Any changes after this date requires the recommendation of teachers involved and the approval of the principal. Any approved course changes after the add/drop period will result in a student receiving a mark of withdrawal (W) on their transcript.