School Profile

Hadley has one public elementary school – Hadley Elementary School. Previously housed in the Russell Elementary School, and the Hooker Elementary School across Route 9, Hadley Elementary School came together to serve grades Pre-K through 6 when the new school building was built on River Drive in 1996.

Together, the Hadley Elementary School faculty and members of the Elementary School Council feel the education of children is a joint responsibility to be shared by parents and school. This is certainly reflected in the quality of education and success of their students.

The Hadley Elementary School is an average size elementary school (PreK-6) located in the small suburban town of Hadley, Massachusetts. Our kindergarten - grade 6 student population has averaged about 330 students each year for the period 2000-2008. Current K-6 student enrollment is 329 students with an average class size of 21 students.

It is our unwavering belief that every child enrolled in Hadley Elementary School is capable of becoming a successful learner regardless of his/her life experiences or circumstances, but not necessarily at the same pace or in the same way. Therefore, every student entrusted to our tutelage will be treated as a valued learner who possesses innate and unique learning potential. Given this belief as the premise and motivating influence for our work as educators, our school mission is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment where we offer high quality educational opportunities for diverse student learners to achieve their individual potential, thus preparing them to assume a contributory role as productive members in our democratic society.

At Hadley Elementary School there is frequent, ongoing, and effective communication between and among administrators, teachers, and staff who work with synergy and in harmony to fulfill our school mission. The curriculum for each grade level is developed, regularly and continuously updated, and taught in alignment with the Massachusetts Department of Education's Curriculum Frameworks/Learning Standards for the purpose of attaining high student academic achievement and performance.

The Hadley Elementary School teaching faculty and support staff are provided opportunities for ongoing training and professional development requisite for developing and maintaining a high level of professional competence, skill, and performance effectiveness.

Spring 2008 MCAS test results for grades 3-6 continued to be strong, enabling Hadley Elementary School to make its 2008 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for both English Language Arts and Mathematics – a measure of improvement toward student proficiency required by the Federal No Child Left Behind Act. Having made our 2008 AYP kept in tact HES' record of attaining its annual AYP every year since its inception in 2000. Such strong student academic performance reflects the conscientious efforts of Hadley Elementary School's highly qualified and skillful teachers, bright and committed student learners, and supportive parents.