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English Language Learners

Celine Dassatti
Grades:  Kindergarten to 12.


Patricia Bell
Special Education Administrator


English language learners receive instruction to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.  The student's level of English proficiency, which is based on initial and annual assessment data, is used for individualizing instruction for the ELL students.

Description of Levels for English Language Learners ( The ELL levels are based on the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's English Language Proficiency Benchmarks and Outcomes.)

  • Beginner:  The student has very limited or no understanding of English and does not use English for communication.
  • Advanced Beginner:  The student can use conversational skills when spoken to slowly and with frequent repetition and clarification.
  • Early Intermediate:  The student has learned enough vocabulary to speak with peers and teachers but has not developed the competencies in English necessary for ordinary academic skills.  
  • Intermediate:  The student's language skills are adequate for most day-to-day communication.  The student can communicate in English in new or unfamiliar settings but has occasional difficulty with complex structures and abstract academic concepts.
  • Transitioning:  The student has native or near native use of spoken English.  The emphasis is on reading and writing focusing on form and meaning in academic areas.
Exiting the Program

Exiting from the program will be a team decision and include the expertise of the ELL teacher, teacher(s), specialists and administrators.  The following assessment data will be used for validating English proficiency and program exit criteria:

ELL Assessments: State and District

  • MELA-O
  • MEPA
  • Bilingual Syntax Measure
  • LAS-Reading and Writing-Administered in the spring of each year.
State Assessments

  • MCAS
District Assessments

District assessments will vary, as the student’s grade level determines which assessments are administered.


  • Observations
  • Report Cards
Notification to Parents

If the team determines a child is proficient in English, parents or guardians are sent a letter stating the child is proficient in English and no longer requires an ELL component to his/her instructional program.


Former limited English proficiency students, FLEP, students are monitored for 2 years.  

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