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Classroom Parties
Parents and staff are encouraged to provide party snacks that are consistent with the goals of this policy.  Each party is encouraged to include nutrient-dense food choices* and beverages that are 100% fruit or vegetable juice, nonfat or low fat milk or water.  The district will offer a list of healthy party food ideas to parents and teachers.  A list of student food allergies must be made available to parents and teachers bringing food into the classroom so those foods will be excluded.

* Nutrient dense foods have a significant amount (greater than 10%of RDA) of at least one of the following nutrients: vitamin C, vitamin A, iron or fiber.  These foods include complex carbohydrates and/or lean protein sources that are low in total fat and saturated fat.

A reference guide is available at each school. In it you will find practical tips, ideas, and recipes for making healthy, appealing foods available to students.  Nonfood rewards are also included.  These suggestions have been gathered from school personnel, parents, and various media resources.

* Click here for information on brand name prepackaged snack foods. This comes from the John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition.  The A list is a comprehensive list of prepackaged, convenient, healthy school snacks.  Look in the left hand blue column for the A-List.

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